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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Windows 8 File Manager Alternative

Windows 8 File Manager Alternative
SpeedRunner Windows 8 supported File Manager.
Download Free SpeedRunner Windows File Manager.
SpeedRunner Windows File Manager File Size 3.3 MB.
SpeedRunner Website
SpeedRunner is a handy, easy to use Windows 8 supported alternative file manager specially designed to offer you a fast multi-thread file manager. SpeedRunner Windows file manager provides an easy-to-use interface, similar to the one of Total Commander, for faster file handling. SpeedRunner features customizable File Type Colors such as media files, executables, archives or documents for rapid retrieval and recognition.
SpeedRunner Windows File Manager’s Pinned Tabs option allows you to quickly navigate between many locations.  To activate Pinned Tab just click it with the  left mouse button. To remove Pinned Tab just click it  with the  middle/right mouse button.  To add Pinned Tab just press Shift+Tab. Below the Pinned Tabs Panel you can find the  Shortcut Panel. On the first application start all pinned applications, Quick Launch pinned applications and Start Menu pinned applications will be imported to  the  Shortcut Panel. You can add any applications  to this panel by dragging it directly from File System Panels or Windows Explorer to free space on the Shortcut Panel.

File Type Color allows you to configure the colors for the file types. To add a new file type color just specify file type (one or more using a comma) and color (in HTML format) and press the Add  button. To change a specific file type color just type the specific file type and  choose  a  new color, then press the  Add  button.

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