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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Download Free Resume Designer for iPad and iPhone

Download Free Resume Designer for iPad and iPhone

Resume Designer is free app for iPhone and iPad that was designed to produce elegant professional looking resumes/cvs in a matter of minutes. Just enter your resume details once and then Resume Designer enables you to choose from multiple professional looking resume with different styles. You can choose resume from a variety of style templates and then email your resume to your prospective employer or you can you print it out directly from the app.

Write Format and Export Resume to PDF
Quick start by choosing from a set of predefined resumes and it will design your resume from your entered information. After you have created your resume you can export your resume to PDF file and share it via eMail, DropBox, G-Drive, iBook and other apps or Print directly from your device. Resume Designer will give you tips that provide you with the best resume writing practices.
Download free for limited period Resume Designer.
Resume Designer file size 1.41MB.
Resume Designer Websiteprogram4secure.blogspot.com


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